For humans, winter may not seem like the best time to go to Virginia Beach; but for a seal it’s ideal.
Each winter, seals visit Virginia Beach to rest on the sand and rocky outcroppings along the shoreline, according to a Virginia Aquarium news release.
It can be fun to watch the seals enjoying the sand and surf, but the aquarium is urging people to keep their distance from the animals. Seals are known to bite people and animals when they feel threatened.
The aquarium is also asking people not to feed the seals. The seals need to maintain their hunting instincts, and feeding them can make them associate people with food, the release states.
If their safety and yours isn’t enough to curb your enthusiasm for petting a seal, remember, it’s illegal to approach or harass them in the wild.
For those who want to spot seals in a safe environment, the aquarium is …