Braden Day said he used to own a construction business in South Jersey, but when he and his fiancée relapsed into drug addiction a couple years ago, “we lost everything within a matter of months.”
Today, he considers the Broad Street Ministry on South Broad Street home. During the day, he sits at 15th and Walnut streets accepting donations from strangers to get by. He wants to get into a detox program, but said the lack of insurance has made that impossible.
Around lunchtime on Thursday, a traveling barber named Brennon Jones saw him sitting at his regular Center City corner. After watching passersby pretty much ignore Day for a few minutes, he approached with a question.
“Do you want a haircut?” he asked.
It’d been a while since Day had one. He knew his hair “looked like a mop on top of my head.” The answer was a shocked and grateful “yes.”
“I was …