Johannesburg – A well-known biker has made mincemeat of a Facebook racist, who commented on her having a black man with his arm around her in all the photos she posts.
Carola Trummer, 51, said racism in South Africa reminded her of Germany, which she left in 1996 to join her husband Bernhard.
Trummer is well known for taking part in campaigns against cancer and e-tolls on her bike, Netwerk24 reported.
Photos of such trips, which she posted on Facebook, led to a comment reading: “Is this woman colour blind, or what’s wrong with her? Every time she poses for a photo it’s with a black man with his arm around her.”
Trummer shared a screen grab of the post on her page.
“Where Facebook users mostly are polarised by incidents like this, they all spoke out against racism,” she said on Wednesday.
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