Video by Amanda Steen
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — NancyAnn and Steven Toth, like all parents, said their three children are a blessing.
Their youngest of three, Kara, is no exception.
During her pregnancy, NancyAnn opted to not have an amniocentesis — a medical procedure used to detect chromosomal abnormalities — which was offered by her obstetrician because of her age. She was 34 at the time.
“The doctor asked me if I wanted it and I said if it’s going to tell me the sex of the baby I don’t want it,” NancyAnn said. “And anything else, because of my religion, I’ll deal with it.”
It was in the delivery room that the Toths learned not only the sex of their new bundle of joy, but that she had Down Syndrome.
“It was a complete surprise but I wasn’t upset at all,” she said. “I asked the doctors what to expect. He told me, ‘Whatever she’s …