Elephant jumpers. Badly treated rescued elephants at the Wildlife SOS sanctuary outside Agra India with their newly knitted jumpers are on show for the first time, they are all effected by the cold after their ordeal at the hands of owners. Suzy, (front) Phoolkali and Laxmi (rear) show off their jumpers.

We’re not the only ones feeling the cold this January – it turns out elephants are too.
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Suzy and Laxmi are two elephants among the 23 who were rescued from the streets of Mumbai, India, after suffering years of abuse from cruel handlers – and they needed to be kept warm in order to be nursed them back to full health.
So, kind locals made it their mission to knit the elephants some jumbo jumpers. They worked tirelessly to create huge garments that could be wrapped around the entirety of the elephant when it got chilly.
Kartick Satyanarayan, founder of the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, said: ‘We work hard to give these elephants a life of dignity and protection while we also provide them ongoing treatment and care.
‘This winter we are making jumpers to give the jumbos in …