This is the love story of Ted and Abbey — a shelter dog that escaped and trekked across the city to find the kennel worker who had fed him some cheese-flavoured bacon strips.
Ted first arrived at the Northwest Territories SPCA in Yellowknife last Friday.
“He was scared. It’s a very terrifying place, first off, for dogs and cats,” recalled Abbey Boyd, who works at the SPCA. 
The two met officially on Saturday morning during Abbey’s shift. She tried taking timid Ted for a walk.
“He wouldn’t let me take him. Nobody could walk him for a day.”
Then, Abbey did one small act that may have changed the destiny of the two forever.
“I fed him cheese-flavoured bacon strips to try to get him to love me,” said Abbey.
She then asked the maintenance guy to build Ted a larger kennel because she “thought it wasn’t big enough,” and left.
“Apart from that, I had next to no contact with Ted …