Dame Stephanie Shirley: It takes a long time to do most worthwhile things in life. Learn “urgent patience”
Dame Stephanie, what’s the most defining moment in your life?
My long life (I’m 81 years old) was defined by my parents putting me on a Kindertransport from Vienna to England in 1939. This was to save my life – it was not a good time to be a Jew in Nazi Europe.
The famous author Victor Frankl claims in his book that: „Those who have a „why” to live, can bear with almost any „how”. What was/is your „why”?
The “why” in my life is because that childhood trauma made me determined very early on to make mine a life worthy of being saved.
What are the life lessons you’ve learned till now?
The main life lesson is summarized by the title of my memoir ‘Let IT Go’. This …