A Jersey City middle school student spends his time giving back to his community through a unique hobby: crocheting.
Jaheir Moore, 12, is an avid crocheter who donates his creations to area homeless shelters and neonatal intensive care units, his mother tells NBC 4 New York. 
Moore first started crocheting after a friend told him about a crocheting class at the local YMCA, he told NBC 4. Two years later, he’s donated dozens of hats, scarves and bags.
When asked how he got involved with the homeless shelters, Moore said he noticed “there’s a lot of homeless people on the street and they look bitterly cold in this weather.”
It takes him about 20 minutes to an hour to make each item, and he crochets every day after school. 
Moore’s mother, Latia Lawrence, says he is a straight-A student. The sixth-grader says his favorite subjects are social studies and science, but he “loves school” and …