OKLAHOMA – The Oklahoma State Superintendent announced Tuesday that Oklahoma public school districts will have the opportunity this year to choose whether their 11th-grade students can take the ACT or the SAT college-entrance exam free of charge.
This initiative is an extension of a 2015-2016 pilot program widely embraced across the state last spring, when all but two of Oklahoma’s 459 public high schools provided the ACT for juniors.
As a result, 79 percent of 11th graders – or 35,477 of 45,071 students – took the test, compared to a little more than half who had taken the exam the year before.
Giving schools the opportunity to administer the free tests onsite and during the school day eliminates cost and transportation barriers for students who otherwise might never have had access to the college- and career-readiness exam.
An ACT or SAT score allows a student to earn college credit at a reduced cost while …