If you think you’ve had a tough winter, consider the plight of a Wyoming pack horse that was left for dead and survived on its own for six weeks in a wolf-rich national forest.
The Jackson Hole News & Guide this week says Valentine, a 6-year-old pack horse, had fallen ill during the November hunting season and was basically left for dead as the outfitters had to get the loaded pack string out of the the Bridger-Teton National Forest.
When the mare was detected by a snowmobile trail groomer in mid-December, the outfitter was dumbstruck.
How did she recover from her illness?
How did she find enough food in snow that piled up to five feet deep and temperatures to minus 30 degrees?
And how did she elude the wolves?
It’s an equine “Revenant” movie in the making, since those questions may never be answered.
“She hung high up … and I think that’s what saved …