Penne (Italy) (AFP) – A woman and four children were pulled alive Friday from the ruins of an Italian hotel and five other survivors were located under the snow, two days after the building was buried under an avalanche.
The rescues mean all four children known to have been in the Rigopiano hotel when it was hit by a wall of snow on Wednesday have been saved.
It also means that an entire family of four survived the disaster in what some described as a miracle.
But not all the news was good: two bodies have been recovered so far, while at least 13 people remain unaccounted for.
Giampiero Parete had feared the worst after he avoided being swamped by the avalanche because he had gone to the family car to get his wife’s headache tablets.
“As soon as I got out I felt this wind and then this deafening noise of trees cracking, trunks …