A little boy who was extracted alive overnight from the wreckage of an Italian mountain resort destroyed by an avalanche told his rescuers: “We were playing billiards.”
Ten-year-old Edoardo Di Carlo appeared remarkably lucid when he was carried away on a stretcher, despite spending more than 48 hours trapped beneath the rubble and snow in freezing temperatures.
“What happened? How long has it been? I was playing billiards with some other kids,” the boy said, according to Lorenzo Gagliardi, a police alpine rescue officer who was the first to reach the hotel in the early hours of Thursday after leading in his team on skis.
“How many kids were with you?” rescuers asked. “Three,” the boy answered. “All the adults were in another room. The only adult I could hear crying out was the mummy of Ludovica, another kid.”
Four children and a woman were pulled out alive on Friday, and another four adults …