Lennard Ong is excited. He turns on the TV and makes himself an iced coffee. His parents and brother are sleeping, but for this eager 29-year-old, the night is young. So he gets cosy on the couch in anticipation of the World Wrestling Entertainment showdown between The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt.
Lennard lives with Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t define him in the least.
More adventurous than most, Lennard leads an active lifestyle. From Monday to Wednesday, he goes to the Down Syndrome Association (DSA) at Junction 8 where he takes cooking classes, plays games, exercises and learns about money matters. Every Thursday and Friday, Lennard works at the Natrad Food factory in Paya Lebar, where he meticulously labels the Laughing Cow cheeses sold across Singapore. Weekends are reserved for grocery shopping and bowling.
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