There are the normal things co-workers do to show caring for each other – covering a shift when there’s a family emergency, delivering soup to a colleague with a cold, bringing in treats to celebrate a special occasion.
And then, there is undergoing major surgery to have a kidney removed to be transplanted into a co-worker to save her life. That is what Anchorage-based Capt. Jodi Harskamp is doing for Flight Attendant Jenny Stansel, also of Anchorage.
Harskamp will undergo surgery on March 13 and, with a successful transplant, give Stansel a new lease on life.
Harskamp was one of many employees who had volunteered to be tested to find out if they would be a match for Stansel, who has been fighting for her life for the past 10 months since, as she says, her “kidneys decided to take a long term hiatus.”
The past year, as the 38-year-old Stansel has fought kidney …