The night Melissa Dohme almost died was also the night she met the man with whom she would one day fall in love.
But that night, in the early morning hours of Jan. 24, 2012, romance was far from the mind of both Dohme and her future fiancee, Cameron Hill. That night, Dohme was fighting for her life, bleeding from 32 stab wounds inflicted upon her by an ex-boyfriend.
At the time, Dohme was 20 years old and living in Clearwater, Florida. She and her then-boyfriend, Robert Burton, had gotten into an argument in October 2011 that ended with Burton punching her, she told the BBC. They broke up and stopped speaking for months, according to CBS News, until that night in early 2012.
By Dohme’s account, Burton called her repeatedly that night around 2 a.m., asking her for a hug. When she refused, he began crying, per CBS News. She gave in …