A copy photo of the homeless man, Jose Duren Matus, that was helped by Betsy Goinski in December. (Mark Mulville/The Buffalo News)

Betsy Goinski took a chance and invited a stranded, weary traveler into her home in cold, snowy December.
The traveler – who spoke little English – told her he was on a journey to find a daughter he had not seen in three years. He said he had been robbed at the train station in Depew. But he thought he was in New York City, so he was intent on just walking to Manhattan, where he believed his daughter is living.
She took him into her home, gave him shelter and food, and then bought him a bus ticket to New York.
In her mind, she was not being reckless. She was just doing what any decent human being would do for someone in need.
“I was never raised being afraid of people,” Goinski said. “I was raised to help out. You know, you never know when someone’s going to need your help, and you never …