DeWitt, N.Y. — Livvie was picked up in October in Jacksonville, Texas. The heavily pregnant mutt, lost but healthy, was named for the street where she was found: Livingston.
Then she was slated for death.
The already overburdened animal shelter in the Texas town of 14,500 people could take no more dogs, and certainly not Livvie and her soon-to-be 10 puppies.
Lori Bowlin Davidson’s phone soon rang in nearby Crockett Texas. Could she help?  Davidson, president of the Coalition for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty in Crockett, said yes, as she almost always does. She took Livvie in and set up a make-shift kennel in her massive bathroom.
The dog labored for 10 hours Oct. 30, an hour for each puppy she birthed. One was born still. But the rest were goofy, docile, floppy-eared mutts. Davidson, who with her husband has fostered other pregnant dogs, had named previous litters for oil fields. She and …