John Loughlin thought he would be on the streets in Philadelphia forever. At 57 years old, he was living in his wheelchair, still coping with the injury he sustained years ago when he was shot in Kensington.
“I had given up on people completely,” John said. “I was a real salty guy.”
And then came Lolly Galvin. Lolly and her friends were giving haircuts to homeless people in Center City. When John walked by, they offered him one. He said no. That is, until, two weeks later when John says his hair got out of control and he saw Lolly again.
“And then it all started with a haircut,” John said, giggling.
John grew up in Ardmore on the Main Line. He went to private school and had two dedicated, involved parents. His parents divorced when he was four-years-old, so he mostly grew up with his mom who he says was his best friend. …