Every dog gets his day, and Thursday a pit bull puppy named Apollo, credited with saving a teenage girl from being raped in Brooklyn, got his.
He rode in a limo and was ushered up to the penthouse floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania for a very special ceremony Thursday afternoon honoring his bravery.
He’s now being called “Apollo the hero dog!”
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and some even have four legs.
Five-month-old Apollo literally took a bite out of crime last week when he stopped a stranger who was trying to sexually assault his owner’s girlfriend.
“If you’re good to your dog, your dog is good to you,” said Maya Fairweather, the teen who was saved by Apollo.
18-year-old Fairweather was walking the young pit inside Red Hook Recreation Area Park when the attacker pushed her to the ground and tried to pull her pants down.
The playful pup turned protective and intervened, chomping …