After fleeing his native Syria in 2011, actor Jay Abdo took refuge in the United States. In the space of three years, he found success in Hollywood and is soon to co-star in a new film alongside Nicole Kidman.
In November 2015, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation devoted a television report to a Syrian actor who had settled in America three years prior. Unknown in America, his name was Jay Abdo. Through the first moments of the short documentary, available on YouTube (see below), the viewer discovers a jovial man, fiftyish, with a winning smile, star-struck on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “Johnny Depp! He’s awesome. Love the guy.” Suddenly, a young Algerian man bounds up before the camera.
“So you know [Abdo]?” the journalist asks, amused by the interloper admiring his interviewee. “A big fan! Of course, of course!,” the Algerian replies, awestruck, snapping a selfie with the Syrian star. What do …