SAINT LOUIS COUNTY, MO. – For fathers and their daughters, daddy/daughter dances are a special event with memories they’ll both cherish forever.
But at Trautwein Elementary School in Mehlville, it’s a difficult event to look forward to for one third grade student.
“It’s always a double-edged sword. Do I even bring it up? Or do I ask if she wants to go?” said Stacey Nance.
Kaylee Nance, 9, lost her father almost a year ago, meaning she didn’t have a date to this year’s dance.
So, her friend and her father decided to ask Kaylee to come with them, and she accepted.
But then Kaylee’s plans changed unexpectedly.
Nance said, “She was a little torn. She didn’t want her little friend, that girl, to be sad.”
One of Kaylee’s favorite teachers is Mr. Tim Bianco.
He’s the one who decided that Kaylee shouldn’t go with a friend to the dance. Rather, he thought she should have a date.
“I …