Typhoid is a bacterial infection. It is a common but most critical type of fever. Every year a large number of people are affected by this fever. Salmonella typhi is the name of bacteria which caused of typhoid fever. These bacteria found in the abdomen part. This is a bacterial infection of the bloodstream and intestinal track. These bacteria enter into the body and attack within 6 to 13 days. These bacteria travel through the blood to liver, spleen, gallbladder and other parts of the body. Every age of group mostly children is affected by this bacterial infection. Typhoid fever is a curable disease and it can be severe if it not treated at the time.
In early condition typhoid, fever symptoms are:
In severe and critical condition typhoid fever symptoms are:
Typhoid is a bacterial fever. There are many causes of typhoid fever:
typhoid fever is not an ignorable type of fever. It badly …