On January 19, the Iraqi army declared it fully controlled the district of Tel Kaif in northern Mosul from ISIS militants after it had launched a three-pronged assault on the town.
Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah, commander of the ‘We are Coming Nineveh’ operation said in a statement that the Iraqi armed forces took control over Tel Kaif, the Rudaw reported.
Tal Kaif, 10 kilometers north of Mosul and home to a sizable Christian population, was under siege for more than two months. 
The Iraqi army announced the full siege on Tel Kaif in late October. Two months later they conducted an operation south of the town to cut ISIS supply lines along the Mosul-Tel Kaif road.
On October 20, 2016, the Iraqi Army’s 9th Armored Division, backed by the Nineveh Plains Protection Units (Assyrian forces) and Muslim Shia Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd Al-Sha’abi), launched an assault in northern Mosul, targeted the ISIS-held town of …