Islamic Center of Victoria members look at the aftermath of a fire that burned their mosque down early Saturday morning.

Their place of worship was ravaged by fire Saturday morning, but Victoria Islamic Center members had rediscovered hope by that evening.
“God always has a plan. Out of tragedies, sometimes good things happen,” said Abe Ajrami, a mosque member.
Ajrami grieved the loss of his place of worship, which he had attended for years, but also expressed wonder and appreciation for the massive show of support he and and other members had received.
Pulling out his smartphone, Ajrami scrolled through the hundreds of well-wishing emails, social media messages, texts and phone calls.
The demonstrations of solidarity were sent from around Victoria, Texas, the United States and even countries as far as Zimbabwe.
One woman donated a handmade prayer rug.
“A guy who has a truck said, ‘I will come and haul dirt for you,'” Ajrami said.
Although mosque president Shahid Hashmi, a Victoria surgeon, said the mosque was uninsured, he took comfort …