THESE identical twin boys at risk in the womb kept each other alive by cuddling.
They shared one sac in the uterus and mum Hayley Lampshire was told the umbilical cords may tangle if they moved around.
Hayley and husband Charlie were amazed when two separate scans showed them clutching each other and barely moving.
Then they did the same again when they went for more check-ups.
Rowan and Blake were born by C-section at 34 weeks last August and are doing fine.
Primary school teacher Hayley, 27, of Kidlington, near Oxford, said: “My husband and I were heartbroken when we found out our babies were in danger.
“Because the boys were in the same amniotic sac their cords could get tangled if they moved around, which would cut off their oxygen and food supply.
“If that did happen then it would be likely that we wouldn’t know, we couldn’t do anything to prevent it which was …