Jerod Cherry was attending a religious youth conference in 2008 when he ran into a staffer who had a thought about the three Super Bowl titles he won with the New England Patriots. The gathered teens had fallen $20,000 short of their fundraising goal for building an orphanage overseas, and the staffer, Courtney Cherest, wondered whether Cherry might be in the mood to cover the difference.
Cherest was joking, kind of. She was a Peyton Manning fan and something of a Tom Brady hater, and when Cherry walked by her during a break, she asked, “Hey, man, are you going to give up one of those rings?”
Cherry laughed, kind of. Then he went home, went to bed and lay awake engaged in a 12-round heavyweight fight with his own thoughts.
Even if Cherest had just been messing with him, hey, everyone knows there’s an element of truth in all humor. That same …