Ikea is planning to sell a line of rugs and textiles made by Syrian refugees in 2019, in an effort to provide jobs to people displaced by the civil war.
The move will create jobs for 200 refugees, most of them women, currently living in Jordan, according to CNN.
Jesper Brodin, range and supply manager at Ikea, described the situation in Syria as “a major tragedy of our time” adding that Jordan has taken great responsibility in hosting people displaced by Syria’s civil war.
“We decided to look into how Ikea can contribute,” Mr Brodin told CNN.
The products will be sold locally and in other Middle Eastern countries with free trade agreements with Jordan.
More than 650,000 Syrians are registered as refugees in Jordan, according to the United Nations. Last year the Government of Jordan pledged to issue up to 200,000 works permits for Syrians to allow them to work legally alongside Jordanians.
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