Ollie’s back!
The National Zoo said Wednesday that it has its missing bobcat back two days after the 7-year-old animal disappeared from its enclosure.
Ollie was found on zoo property about 4 p.m, a zoo spokeswoman said. She said the cat showed up near the zoo’s bird house. The zoo released a photo of the bobcat sitting in an outdoor crate.
Ollie’s return came hours after the zoo suspended its search for the 25-pound bobcat.
For the last two days, a team of zookeepers, police officers at the zoo and rescue experts from the D.C. Humane Rescue Alliance had searched for her, but to no avail.
At a news conference earlier Wednesday, zoo officials said they were ending the active search for Ollie because she remained elusive.
Craig Saffoe, curator of great cats at the zoo, said his had to deal with larger, more dangerous animals in its day-to-day duties.
The zoo said it had …