Kiersten Miles had been nannying for only three weeks when she made the decision.
The baby girl for whom Miles had started caring had a rare, life-threatening liver disease in which her liver’s central bile duct had been inexplicably destroyed and bile was building up into her liver, the baby’s mother said.
The whites of her eyes were gray.
Her skin was yellow.
And some doctors predicted that the child might not live past her second birthday.
But 22-year-old Miles had a solution: She would give the girl a piece of her own liver.
“Especially for a baby who can’t really ask for help, it didn’t seem like that much of a sacrifice,” she told The Washington Post, “because I’d be saving a life.”
Earlier this month, Miles donated a portion of her liver to Talia Rosko — a priceless gift that the child’s family says saved the 16-month-old’s life.
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