Ex-provincial rugby player, Riaan van Straten is South Africa’s latest sweetheart. The teacher who is in charge of sport at Curro Kathu Independent School in the Northern Cape has touched people’s hearts with his kind gesture, but he insists he doesn’t deserve any praise.
“I expect every guy to be like that,” van Straten says. “That is how I was brought up.”
The school girl, Angela Motswamere, was waiting at the starting line of the race when van Straten was called to assist. One of the race starters said that there was a child who wanted to run the race but needed some help to do so.
“When I first saw her, I thought she was sitting on her knees. It was only when she got up, that I realised that she didn’t have lower legs and I just put her on my back to participate. Angela was giggling the entire way.”
At first, van Straten …