Elon Musk may be a workaholic, but in his spare time he’s quite fond of video games.  His first programming project was a Space Invaders-style game and he’s recently tweeted about his enjoyment of Blizzard’s Overwatch.  So how better to appeal to him than by building a video game recreation of Tesla’s Gigafactory?
That’s what a team of Lithuanians thought, anyway.  41 gamers spent two days building and livestreaming a mockup of Tesla’s Gigafactory inside Minecraft, a “sandbox” videogame which lets players build an almost infinite variety of structures inside a virtual world.
But this project wasn’t all fun and games, it also makes some points about the suitability of the area for a Gigafactory.  The site they picked was Kruonis, a small town in central Lithuania which is “a free economic zone, close to two international airports, within close radius of 1.3 million inhabitants.”
The town is also apparently near good sources of wind energy, and has some green energy cred as it …