In December 2016, Aron Anderson set out on his life’s greatest, coldest and likely most dangerous adventure yet – to be the first person in a wheelchair skiing to the South Pole. The expedition was carried out for the benefit of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.
On December 21st 2016 he reached the South Pole!
Aron Anderson will pole his way to the South Pole in a sit ski, starting at the edge of the Antarctic continent. It’s a challenge of around 640 km (398 miles) in an average temperature of around -27.5°C (-17.5°F).
Aron is doing this in order to test the boundaries of what is possible. As always, he wants to inspire and motivate others to strive to achieve their own goals and chase their dreams. Aron wants to instill hope in those who need it – and that’s why the expedition is called Pole of Hope .
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