Ciara Murray (33), from Enniskillen in Fermanagh, suffered a stroke when she was 37 weeks pregnant and doctors had to put her in a coma to save her and the baby.
Before the dramatic birth, Ciara had experienced a normal pregnancy and had barely even suffered from morning sickness.
Feeling unwell after breakfast, Ciara went for a lie down – but she didn’t make it to the bed and instead collapsed onto the bedroom floor.
With her husband John (36) out at work as a bricklayer, Ciara was unable to move and she lay there drifting in and out of consciousness for seven hours.
Ciara, who was working as a clerical officer in a school before she became ill, explained: “My husband was at work and I couldn’t get up at all to get the phone. Every time I tried to pull myself up, I kept slipping down.
“I couldn’t feel the baby at all. …