Kiersten Miles (left) and Talia Rosko. (FACEBOOK)

The baby girl whom Miles had started caring for had a rare, life-threatening liver disease in which her liver’s central bile duct had been inexplicably destroyed and bile was building up into her liver, the baby’s mother said.
George and Farra Rosko, of Jackson, N.J., hired Miles in summer 2016 to take care of Talia, as well as Talia’s two older siblings.
Just weeks after Miles took the job, she said, she started thinking about Talia’s condition and how she might be able to help. She said she started researching living organ donation because “I was just curious, I guess,” and she thought she might be a good candidate because she knew her blood type was O, which is compatible with all other blood types, according to the American Red Cross.
Almost immediately, Miles said, she knew she wanted to see if she could do it.
She said she talked to her own mother, …