The number of children who overheated and died inside cars increased across the country last year, and Texas had the highest number of cases.
Now a 10-year-old boy from McKinney has invented what he hopes is a life-saving tool that every parent could use.
Bishop Curry V says he was inspired to create a device he calls “Oasis” after a baby died in a hot minivan last summer outside a home in Melissa.
The home is near the Curry family’s home in McKinney. 
U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis met with the South Korean prime minister and acting-president in Seoul Thursday. Mattis reconfirmed America’s strong determination to strengthen U.S.-South Korea alliance, saying his country will remain “should-to-shoulder” with the South in the face of threats, including North Korea. (Published Friday, Feb. 3, 2017)
Curry is a fifth grader at Melissa Ridge Intermediate and his father says they drive by the home every day on their way …