Lu??? H?l?n? de Souza w??n’t ?ur?r???d wh?n a d?g ?h?w?d up in her yard, l??k?ng for f??d. Th?t h????n? a lot ?n São C?rl??, Br?z?l, and d? S?uz? d?d wh?t ?h?’d d?n? m?n? times b?f?r?. Sh? fed th? dog, ??rv?ng out a ??rt??n fr?m th? batch she m?k?? f?r h?r ?wn ?d??t?d dogs and ??t?. Wh?n th? d?g came back th? next n?ght, she f?d her again, putting h?r f??d ?n a plastic b?g.
Th?n the d?g d?d ??m?th?ng surprising: She stopped eating, picked up the bag of f??d, ?nd h??d?d b??k ?nt? th? night. It h????n?d again ?nd ?g??n, ?nd it ???m?d t? d? Souza that ???h time th? dog h?d stopped eating b?f?r? ?h? was full.
“I realized th?t she ?t? and th?n ?t?r?d ?t what was in th? b?g,” ?h? ???d in a video m?d? ?f the duo.
De S?uz? wondered what th? dog w?? u? …