An Iranian infant in need of lifesaving heart surgery can finally see a doctor in the U.S.
Four-month-old Fatemeh Reshad was scheduled to visit Portland, Ore., for a critical procedure when she was barred from entering the country due to President Trump’s travel ban put last week.
Her family’s anguish ended Friday when they were granted a waiver to enter the U.S., Gov. Cuomo told the Daily News.
Cuomo, smitten by the cherubic tyke and incensed over Trump’s ban, secured legal assistance for her family and said doctors at Mount Sinai have agreed to perform the much-needed procedure for free.
Word of the waiver came just as a federal judge in Seattle granted a temporary restraining order halting Trump’s executive order.
The governor worked with the International Refugee Assistance Project to petition on behalf of the family.
“We will continue to work …