A cat on Manitoulin Island, Ont. is receiving international attention for alerting her owner to calls for help from a neighbour.
The “hero cat” named Ivy, who was adopted from a shelter by 72-year-old Mary Johnston, has been featured in the magazine Woman’s World and the local newspaper wants to get her nominated for the Purina Animal Hall of Fame.
In October, Johnston, who lives in the tiny community of Tehkummah (its population is 400), said she was sitting in her living room reading when her two-year-old cat Ivy started making a fuss.
“Ivy will usually lay on my couch next to my chair,” she said.
“She got antsy, and was back and forth between the window and the couch several times, which wasn’t her habit.”
Johnston said Ivy finally became frustrated and jumped into her lap.
That’s when Johnston noticed a sound coming from outside.
“I heard what I thought was a cat in distress, that deep growl sort of noise they make.”
Johnston went outside and followed the …