Monica Solano Staff Writer @DP_MonicaInes
VICTORVILLE — When Maribeth Knight talks about helping those in need, she does so with an unmistakable determination in her voice.
The co-founder of Helping Hands of the High Desert — a nonprofit started last year that aims to serve the homeless and those living in poverty — Knight doesn’t devote her time and energy to those less fortunate out of a moral obligation or desire to feel better about herself. 
For someone who found herself homeless and living on the streets just four years ago, the issue hits much, much closer to home.
“I don’t even know how I’m here, I should be dead,” said Knight, 26, of Victorville. “When I think back on what I’ve been through, I see myself now as two completely different people.”
Born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky, Knight described her time growing up …