Bruno Serato, whose Anaheim White House was badly damaged in a fire that shut the restaurant indefinitely on Saturday, said Sunday that he and his chefs will resume feeding children on Monday.
Several restaurants and venues, including Christ Cathedral, have offered him their kitchens to pursue the charitable cooking he does for the neediest kids in Orange County and elsewhere.
“I’m set now,” Serato said Sunday.
In the wake of the fire, he has received thousands of emails, texts and phone calls from friends around the world, he said, including Italian soccer celebrity Roberto Baggio and hockey star Bobby Ryan.
But the call that took his breath away this weekend came from a Hollywood legend: Sophia Loren.
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“She represents Italy to me,” said the Italian-born Serato.
Loren, he relayed, told him: “I want to give you a big hug because you give so much love.”
The celebrated restaurateur is friends with …