The U.S. travel ban from seven predominantly Muslim countries has law schools across Canada supporting a group that helps refugees seeking asylum in Canada.
The Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University held a “research-a-thon” Saturday with the goal of creating summaries of relevant or important legal documents to be used by the Canadian Council for Refugees.
“Many of us were quite upset about the executive order that was signed by President Trump last week,” said Ria Guidone, a third-year law student and the organizer of the event.
“We decided something needed to be done and some great students at McGill got together and reached out to all the laws schools across the country and offered this opportunity to participate in a research-a-thon.”
On Friday, the travel ban was put on hold by a U.S. district judge from Seattle whom, along with the states of Washington and Minnesota, challenged President Donald Trump’s executive order.
Each law school has been given …