Jason Nevel Staff Writer @jasonnevelSJR
Terri Pellman wasn’t looking to add a fourth dog to her family, but she couldn’t take it anymore.
For the past four years, she would drive past the field near Dirksen Parkway and North Grand Avenue and see the dog.
The stray was well known on the northeast side of Springfield, but nobody could ever get close enough to catch it.
Sangamon County Animal Control Center was contacted several times, but crews never had any luck, said Greg Largent, director of operations.
The rumor, mentioned in a State Journal-Register column about the dog in April, was the dog belonged to a homeless man who died and was unwilling to leave the spot where it happened.
A nearby resident, Gary Claybourn, and his family fed, provided water and built the dog a shelter. Even then, the dog kept her distance.
Nine weeks ago …