In December 2013 Ashley Wagner learned she was pregnant. A week later husband Ryan learned he had cancer. Two months after their son, Miles, was born, they learned he had a rare condition and he needed a liver and kidney transplant. Last year Miles got a new liver and this year he got his kidney, allowing Ryan to see Miles cured before cancer takes Ryan's life.

A mother’s desperate plea on Facebook for a kidney for her 2-year-old son reunited her with a high school classmate, who was willing to donate her kidney.
The donation, which takes place today, allows the boy’s father, Ryan Wagner, to see his son, Miles, cured of a rare disease before he loses his own battle with stage 4 colon cancer.
“It means the world to me that Ryan gets to see Miles get a kidney,” donor Elizabeth Wolodkiewicz, 31, told TODAY. “I am so happy to give Ryan more time with Miles, and for him to see his baby boy get healthy.”