Janette Bratrud can’t resist building snowmen.
So when inches of powder were piled up in front of her North End home on her 46th wedding anniversary Monday, she went to work.
A couple hours later, the 67-year-old surprised her husband, Bill, with his anniversary gift: a snowman bride and groom, complete with veil, flowers and scarves.
Between them is a teddy bear holding a heart that says “Be mine” that she picked up for this occasion.
The snowmen have rocks for eyes, carrot noses and rhododendron arms, and the bride has a pink color “so she looks like a lady.”
“When I came in to get a spray bottle with food coloring, that’s when he knew I was up to something,” Janette said.
The Bratruds, both Stadium High School alumni and Tacoma lifers, have a son and a daughter and three grandkids.
“I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be married to her,” said …