Keith Earl is a man on a mission to make Kerikeri more beautiful.
Every morning, six days a week, the 77-year-old local hits the streets to rid them of rubbish discarded carelessly by others.
With several plastic bags in his back pocket, he sets off from home about 7.30am for his 90 minute walk of the town and its parks.
He picks up an average of five bags per morning.
“On busy mornings I get heaps; as much as I can carry,” he says.
“You get a lot of people who go drinking and you get heaps of bottles.
“I get lots of people who are sympathetic, they say ‘well done’.”
Earl started his litter blitzing mission about three years ago, while out walking with several friends.
During their long walks they noticed the rubbish lining the streets and decided to do something about it.
But Earl’s sore hip was giving him trouble, so he scaled back the outings, opting for …