A Canadian man who has been missing for five years has been found more than 10,460km away in the Amazon jungle.
Anton Pilipa trekked across two continents, walking mostly barefoot with just the clothes on his back, after he disappeared from his Vancouver home in 2012.
His family spent years desperately searching for the former humanitarian worker, who suffers from suspected schizophrenia, and had almost given up hope when they got a call out of the blue.
A Canadian-born Brazilian cop spotted Pilipa, who she initially mistook for a beggar, shuffling down a dirt track in bare feet, and dirty Bermuda shorts and a vest. He had no passport, and was without any form of identification.
Incredibly, with the help of several international agencies and embassies, she was able to track down his family who flew down to be reunited with their lost loved one.
“I was stunned,” Anton’s brother Stefan told the Daily Mail. …