NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — With the backdrop of increasingly negative rhetoric and government policy directed at displaced people, Brooklyn-based PlayPallets International, Inc. [] is working to make sure that refugees—specifically the 51% of whom are children—are afforded the basic human right of the ability to play.  
Understandably, it’s a tough sell to get childrens’ play equipment a spot on a shipping pallet that’s being used to transport things like food, medicine, and water. “So we wondered if play could catch a ride to regions in need without displacing other, more essential cargo,” says Jon Robbins, PlayPallets International Founder. “What if we could integrate sports equipment into a mandatory part of the supply chain?”
The solution: a shipping pallet that is also a completely self-contained sports equipment system
After two years of R&D, PlayPallets International was able to accomplish just that with their first patent-pending design: a new type of …