New software for police could revolutionise the fight against human trafficking in northeast India and speed up cross-border investigations with Bangladesh and Burma, its creators said.
Police in six Indian states now have access to the Impulse Case Info Centre software, which provides new ways of sharing intelligence, accessing a database of wanted traffickers and getting updates on cases.
Reports of human trafficking in India rose by 25 percent in 2015 compared to the previous year, with northeast states such as Assam reporting the highest number of minor girls being trafficked, according to government data.
Years of ethnic conflict in many parts of the northeast have made it a trafficking hotspot, campaigners say, adding that the region is a source, destination and transit point.
Sanjeevan Devnath of the start-up DFM Info Analytics said it took two years to develop and fine tune the software.
“The biggest challenge was the fact that our users were going …