Barney was a good candidate for a presidential pardon after taking a hunk out of Oscar, a German shepherd bomb detection dog and its handler, while the Scottish terrier lived at the White House during the 43rd president’s term.
 Instead, Barney’s efforts to defend the Oval Office from the misperceived threat of an unfamiliar canine interloper prompted a pair of presidential apologies from the dog’s master.
The confrontation between Barney and Oscar is one of the exclusive stories a five-member film crew from Plainview High learned from President George W. Bush during a 20-minute interview with the former chief executive Nov. 15. The local students edited the 18 minutes of videotape into a 7-minute presentation which is Plainview’s entry in this year’s UIL Young Filmmakers Festival.
“The purpose of the Young Filmmakers Festival is to provide students with the opportunity to explore the art of cinematic storytelling,” explains Doug Warren, team sponsor and …