A Staten Island teenager has a rare condition that causes his skin to peel easily, leaving him with painful wounds that must be bandaged at all times and forcing him to bathe with bleach, his mother says. 
Young John Hudson Dilgen, who lives in Tottenville, has epidermolysis bullosa, a genetic connective tissue disorder that makes skin extremely fragile; even minor friction can cause it to blister and tear. Internal organs can also be affected by the condition. About 1 of every 20,000 children born in the United States each year is diagnosed with it, according to federal statistics. 
There is no cure, and complications can be fatal in some cases. Treatment focuses on addressing the symptoms — such as infection and itching — and preventing pain and wounds, according to the Mayo Clinic. 
Dilgen’s mother, Faye Purpura Dilgen, is trying to make her son’s bathing experience, at least, a bit less painful. She …